Why procrastination should be an Olympic sport

It is one that I’d be going for gold in that’s for sure.

I think I’ve started this opening post about sixteen times already. There’s a few that’s been deleted, a few that are drafts and quite a few that haven’t even got to the keyboard. I don’t know if it’s just plain old procrastination or if it’s the fact that I’m actually going to put my life out there – warts and all. Everything keeps getting in the way of getting started or maybe I like to think that. Procrastination at its finest.

I’m unsure what this blog is going to be. I’m hoping that I’ll end up with a few followers and can make it something inspirational, after all I’ve done the single mother thing, the mature aged university student thing and the full blown mental breakdown. I’m working through the whole blended family, mother to a recently diagnosed autistic boy, (soon to be) recently graduated Registered Nurse, chronic pain and mental illness thing. Oh, and the overweight/obese thing – can’t forget that.

I’ll be working my way through the Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation. Ultimate goal is about a 35kg loss. I’m happy with 15 this round.

I will share my ups and downs with my sons journey with Autism. One that frankly, I’m scared shitless of! Oh, there’s going to be some swearing – trust me on that.

I’m doing this while living with the Fribromyalgia, a chronic pain diseases for which there is no cure. So I hurt – a lot. Top it off with severe depression and Borderline Personality Disorder and I’ve got a fair bit on my plate. This isn’t a poor me kinda blog though. This is about how I live, not how I suffer. That’s not to say that I won’t complain from time to time, but it should be rare *fingers crossed*.

So jump on, sit down and buckle up – we’re going on the roller coaster which is my life *crazy grin*